Bollywood - An Incapable representative of the Indian film industry

  • By Deepak Jena
  • | Published on 10/24/2020 10:34:19 AM
While films made in economically, and socially underdeveloped countries compared to India have been receiving the Oscars - the biggest award in the field of film, this Bollywood has never made a name for India in its long history.

Everything is going on in Bollywood except for making high-quality films or promoting such films. The artists here seem to consider themselves the country’s leading intellectuals and fortune-tellers. The film industry, which is a stronghold of a particular ideology, has never made the country glorious in the world court except to the detriment of the nation. While films made in economically, and socially underdeveloped countries compared to India have been receiving the Oscars - the biggest award in the field of film, this Bollywood has never made a name for India in its long history.

What is going on in Bollywood?

1. Nepotism in Bollywood – In Bollywood, mainly Nepotism works. By suppressing the top talents, the families who have been dominating Bollywood are giving their family members a lot of opportunities or in-fact the only opportunity in the field of acting, writing, direction, lyrics and etc.. The influence of some handful of families fully controls this Mumbai based Bollywood industry. Of the thousands of outsiders, only the flatterers of that family have the opportunity to work safely in the industry. It seems that the artists who go against the wishes of those families or the gangs, no matter how talented they are, cannot establish themselves in the city of Mumbai. A collective Nexus works behind it. The group of Bollywood masterminds began to establish their children as soon as they are born. No matter how low-talented they are. Among them, Khan, Kapoor, Chopra, Bhat, Akhtar, and Bachchan families are on the front-line. The god-father and artist fate-decider Karan Johar is one of the top executors of this nepotism. Their relationship with the local administration and politics is so close that they ruin the career of their opposing talents by misusing government and private power.

2. Awards and Rewards - In Bollywood, the work of films and artists of a certain group is systematically encouraged and honored at almost all the top-level awards. At the same time, high-quality films, and acting are not only ignored but also treated in such a way that the creators and actors who make such films or act in such films are forced to follow the footsteps of that particular group in Bollywood without seeing any future for them and their work. Each year, those top-rated films are ignored, and only films promoted by this group are nominated for the Oscar. As a result, to date, India has not been honored with an Oscar-winning film. For example, while an annoying film like "Gully Boy" was nominated for the Oscar in 2020, many high-quality and Oscar standard films like “Tumbad” and “Chhichore” were released in Bollywood this year. Note that South Korean film called “Parasite” won the Oscar in the year 2020 as the best movie of the year. According to experts and the audience, the “Tumbad” carries more quality than the “Parasite”. The question is, why was Tumbad not sent for the Oscar instead of a Gully boy? The film which was made on a low budget and the makers or actors who do not flatter the Bollywood group were completely disrespected. Not only in the Oscars but also in the commercial sphere, various obstacles are created by those groups on the required platform for the promotion or the release of many high-quality films. As a result, Bollywood is somehow unsuitable for the production of such films.

3. Effect on the social and political field - It is also worth mentioning the influence of that particular group and family of Bollywood in Indian society and politics. To date, Bollywood has always tried to undermine the faith of Hindus. The truth is being cleverly concealed, and Muslims are being glorified. An opinion in favor of Islam is always presented to the Indian audience to justify the ugly actions of Muslims and Islamic terrorists, whereas their actions really and naturally show the barbaric philosophy of Islam. On the other hand, this Bollywood is effectively presenting itself as anti-Hindu. Their Hinduphobia always exists and shows its extreme face on a regular basis. Dawood Ibrahim, India's number one enemy and terrorist who has been fleeing India for years and sometimes taking refuge in Pakistan and sometimes in Saudi Arabia, has been managing Bollywood directly. It is said that it is impossible to release a film without the permission of Dawood. While the Indian intelligence service continues its unsuccessful attempt to arrest Dawood, there is evidence that the Bollywood family and group have always been in touch with him. They even say they meet him regularly in Dubai. Everyone knows how the whole of Bollywood works at the behest of Dawood.

         Bollywood has effectively established itself as a stronghold of leftist, communist, and Congress ideology. This influential group of anti-nationalist Bollywood has always influenced Indian politics through strange arguments. After forming the government at the Centre in 2014, as the BJP continued to form governments in one state after another, that influential group of Bollywood became more active than ever. In addition to openly supporting the anti-government forces, various types of campaigns were launched against the government. They continued to create big examples of blindly supporting the leftist, communist, and Congress ideologies, always insulting the Hindus at will. Opposing the government’s decision without solid argument, they began to ignite their hypocritical faces. In order to oppose the government, they began to oppose the country in such a way that the title of the traitor seems lesser appropriate. Film artists who don’t have much knowledge in the social and historical spheres began to share their knowledge on social media, calling themselves intellectuals and thinkers of the country. While abusing the Hindu community and their tradition, This Bollywood group continued to support Muslims' guilt by portraying the Muslim community as a victim. As a result, these established artists, who have had a huge impact on society through entertainment, are certainly succeeding in exerting a negative ideological outfit on society. Anurag Kashyap, Swara Bhaskar, Javed Akhtar and his wife, Farhan Akhtar, Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Taapse Pannu, Deepika Padukone, Mahesh Bhatt, Javed Jaffrey, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Huma Qureshi, Naseeruddin Shah, Priyanka Chopra, and the late Om Puri are in the frontline. I can surely say that many of these who have made their so-called remarks on history and society have never read history or seen Indian society in the eyes of an Indian. Although there are some artists in Bollywood who oppose the work of these hypocrite groups, they are not very influential as their number is very small.

What to do?

The South film industry of India has been proved to be better than Bollywood. The content of films made in the South is much better, and its technique and modernization in filmmaking are much more than in Bollywood. The investment in the Southern film industry is largely higher than in Bollywood. Bollywood is often seen copying or remakes stories of Southern films. In the field of modernization in technique and filmmaking, Bollywood is unable to make films like Telugu's "Bahubali" and Tamil's "Robot". Artists from the Southern film industry are also more professional and dedicated than Bollywood actors. Despite all this, it is disappointing that Bollywood today represents the Indian film industry. The Southern film industry which is much better than Bollywood in almost every prospective should actually represent India. If that becomes possible, then the Southern film industry will do its utmost to make India a world-class entertainment destination and bring pride for the nation.

       So, the time has come for anti-Bollywood groups to start giving more importance to the south film industry and cooperate it to take the position (from Bollywood) that it really deserves.


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